How Google Earn Money (GOOG) Full Information

There is no person who would not have heard of the name Google today. Did you know that how google earn money? What is Google Business Model? With which he earns money. How does Google Earn Money? Google is the number one search engine in this world. There are 6.0 billion searches per day on this. And it is the fourth largest company in the world.

92 percent of the Internet searches done in the world are done from Google. Google provides almost all its service free. If Google gives almost all services for free, then how does it make money on its own? To understand the answer, one has to understand the Google business model. So let’s know.

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The Business model of Google

Before knowing how google earn money (how Google makes money), it is very important for everyone to understand what is Google’s business model. When you search for anything in google search engine like “how to earn money”, Google first shows you links of such website at the top of the first page which gives money to Google i.e. advertisements from google. From this website, Google takes the money to show ads on its platform. This is the business model of google.

How Google Earn Money?

Every year the Google company earns money in Billions Dollars through its service. Google’s parent company Alphabet(GOOG), which is the world’s valuable company. Google provides many free and Paid Services. It makes money from paid service only. It earns the most from advertising. The following are Google’s earning services.

  • Google Ads
  • Google Adsense
  • Admob
  • Google Cloud
  • Play store

Google Ads

Its old name was google adword. Recently its name has been changed to google ads. Google ads is the world’s largest PPC (Pay Per Click) Online Advertise platform. With the help of Google ads platform, Google creates advertisements for its company. And works to reach its product to the right audience. I explained in the business model above that Google shows AIDS in search, it is created only with the help of ads adword. Learn what is Google adword?.

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Google Adsense is used in two ways. It is of use to both advertiser and publisher. This is also a source of Google’s earnings. In this too, big companies give money to Google to advertise their products. Through Google Adsense, Google also offers other webmasters an opportunity to earn money. Ads are shown on website and YouTube through Adsense.


Like Google adsense, admob is also useful for both advertiser and publisher. Through this, google shows ads from android application. And earns money from those aids.

Google Cloud

Google cloud includes all the services that gsuite, domain, hosting etc. Through all these tools, companies work to bring their business online. All these tools earn a significant amount of money from google. Recently, a new update from Google has come that now google drive will also no longer be free service, now we will have to pay for google drive too. That is, now google drive will also become a means of earning money from Google.

Google play store

All android mobile holders know about Google Play Store. With this you can download free and paid application. Google earns money from this as well. In this, when we upload an app, Google has to pay.

The conclusion

So you must have understood that how google earn money?. Google has many ways to make money. Some of which I have mentioned in this post. How should you like this post, tell it by commenting.

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